Drive-In Rules

We hope your visit is enjoyable. We strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with our rules.


Gates open at 6:30pm, earlier if cars back up to the highway before then. Arrive early for best parking choices. Do not take cuts in line (on busy nights the line can back up to Burgerville ). If you're coming from the East, follow the line to the West, turn around, and get in the back of the line.

No "In or Out" privileges. Once you have entered, you cannot leave and return without paying admission again.

Lights out, please.

We now accept cash or credit cards at all our theatres. No checks. There is no ATM at our theatres.

Tobacco products and batteries are not sold at the drive-in. Come prepared in advance.

Sound is delivered via FM radio (96.5 FM), so make sure you have one.

Exit through the main entrance gate.

See "Frequently Asked Questions" for additional rules.


Is the drive-in closing?  Did you sell the drive-in?  Is the drive-in property going to become one of those trendy lifestyle centers with overprced shops and a Yogurtland?
No, no,  The drive-in has not been sold, and the drive-in has no intention of closing.  Property adjacent to the drive-in, which we do not own, is being developed.  But we're still here, and have every intention of being here for years to come.  We welcome our new neighbors and thank them for keeping the ambient light to a minimum.
What do you charge for admission?
Admission to the drive-in is $10.00 per adult, $5.00 per child ages 6-11, and free for children under 5. For cars with a single occupant, the entry fee is $15.00.
Do you accept checks or credit cards?
We accept cash and credit cards.  No checks.
Can I leave and re-enter the property after paying admission without paying another admission?
No.  All re-entry is subject to a new admission charge.
Can I drop off food or other personal items for somebody who has already paid admission?
Do you allow us to bring in outside food?

While other drive-ins across the country have started banning outside food, we still allow it.  But please support our snack bar while you're here.  It's really how we are able to survive, and our prices are reasonable compared to the major cinema chains.

Do I get a discount when a single movie plays, or when I only show up to watch one of the two features?

Admission is the same for all evening programs, regardless of length or number of movies we show or you choose to see.

Should I show up early, or does nobody actually go to the drive-in anymore?
We often sell out Friday and Saturday nights during the peak summer months, as much as an hour before the show starts.  Thursday and Sunday crowds are lighter.  Please don't yell at our ticket seller.  It's not their fault people showed up before you.
Can't you just kick somebody out who already paid to make room for me?
Do you offer advance ticket sales?
No.  We are strictly a 'first come, first serve' operation.
Does Newberg have businesses I can stop at before the show for batteries, cigarettes, or other items I deem necessary, before arriving at the theatre?  
Yes.  Fred Meyer is just to the East.  Safeway is just to the Northeast.  Several convenience stores populate Highway 99W coming from both directions.  Make your stop before coming to the theatre.  You cannot exit the theatre once you've paid admission.
Are there restrictions on the number of cases of beer I can bring on the property?
Yes.  You can't bring ANY alcoholic beverages (or glass bottles) onto the property.  
Are you conveniently located from downtown Portland?
Yes.  We are just 21 miles from KOIN Center. Simply take I-5 to Exit 297 (US99W/Tigard), then head west until you get here.   We are at 3110 Portland Rd on the southwest side of the Springbrook Rd intersection, just a few blocks from the Hungry Snake Chinese Buffet (slogan: Eat or Be Eaten...or perhaps both).
Do you have an app?
No, but our website pulls up nicely in your smart phone's browser. 
It would be awesome if you had an app that played the show's audio so we could listen through that.
Aside from legal retransmission issues, the infrastructure needed to contain the ability to listen within our own lot would probably be quite the undertaking.
Are you conveniently located from the Las Vegas Strip?
Yes.  We are just 988 miles from the famous Bellagio fountains.  You should probably have a big breakfast at the Peppermill before starting, though.
My car has Daytime Running Lights that I can't defeat, so "Lights Out" is impossible for me.  What should I do?
Find a spot, go directly to it, park, shut off your car, and don't turn it on again until after the show.  If your car radio won't function without the car being turned on, bring a portable radio.
Are there restrictions on the size of vehicle I can bring?
Our ticket window has a roof cars must pass under with a clearance of 8 ft.  Vehicles taller than 8 ft will be too tall to enter the drive-in.  Unusually long vehicles, such as a stretch limo, would not fit a standard parking spot (and have a really lousy view of the screen from the back anyway.)
Can I park wherever I want?
You may park in any designated parking spot, head-in.  Do not park in any manner that would take up more than one designated parking spot or block the view of the space behind you, regardless of whether it is occupied when you arrive or not (somebody will likely fill that spot later).  In the event of a situation where a car in front is blocking the view of the film of a car behind, the car in front must switch places with the car behind or move somewhere else so the ones behind can see. This applies even if the higher vehicle arrived first so always check with the cars behind to make sure everyone can see the screen.  Ultimately, Management will make the final decision.
How do you define “designated parking spot”?  
The lot has several poles, once used for in-car speakers.  Designated parking spots are to the left and to the right of each pole on the ramps.  Two spaces are available between each pole.
Can I back into a space and sit in the back of my vehicle? 
This may be done as long as it does not interfere with the view of the movie with any cars behind you.  Lift backs, for example must always be tied down no higher than the top of your vehicle. You may not sit on the roof your vehicle, both for safety and for reasons of blocking the view for others behind.
I am a being from another planet and my flying saucer is too large for a designated parking spot.  Can I just park on the snack bar roof?
No, but you can hover above it as long as you can pull that off silently and it does not disturb other patrons.
I have friends arriving later.  Can I reserve a spot next to mine for them?
No.  Every parking spot is first-come, first serve.  The best option you have here is to either all come together in the same vehicle, or come on Sunday when crowds are smaller and we're less likely to sell out.
Can I sit in lawn chairs in front of my car or elsewhere on the lot?
Lawn chairs are generally permitted only in front of your vehicle as every space that can park a car will be utilized for that purpose. Lying on the field on sleeping bags or blankets is strictly prohibited.
Are you conveniently located from Disneyland?
Yes.  We are just 996 miles up I-5 from Disneyland.  But if you have time, take scenic US Hwy 101 and vist the Tillamook Cheese Factory on the way.  Also, there's still an Arctic Circle Hamburgers in Newport.
Can I use a barbecue on the drive-in lot?  
No barbecues of any kind, and no open fires.
I'm vegan.  
That's nice.
I'm Vogon.
No poetry.
Where can I smoke cigarettes?  
You can smoke inside your vehicle or in a designated smoking area.  Look for the pails marked "Smoking Area".  Please be considerate of others who may have allergies to cigarette smoke.  Please dispense of your cigarette butts in the pails or inside your vehicle.
Oregon has recently legalized the use of recreational marijuana.  Can I smoke marijuana at the drive-in?
No.  Oregon Measure 91 forbids use in any public place, basically anywhere that is not a specific private residence space. 
But I live in my van, and I brought my van to the drive-in.
No excuse.
That's harsh, man.  You must be a hateful racist.
Far out, man.
Can I bring my dog/cat/ferret/elephant?
Yes, as long as the animal is harmless to the customers and our operation.  You must keep your animal secured to your vehicle/parking space.  You are responsible for cleaning/removing any waste left by your animal.  You will be solely responsible for damage caused by your animal to the drive-in, yourself, other drive-in patrons or property.  Management reserves the right to refuse any animal (including human) admission.  Elephants and other larger animals will be charged a single-occupant car admission due to the fact they would take up a car space by themselves.  NOTE TO ELEPHANTS AND GIRAFFES: Our ticket window height clearance is 8 ft.
I have a 2,000-watt car/portable stereo with dual 18-inch subwoofers, twelve mid-range speakers, six cleverly-placed tweeters, and a spiffy faceplate that changes colors depending on my mood.  Are there restrictions on my use of my stereo, like for example the volume? 
Volume is restricted based on complaints.  In the event of complaints, the sound must be turned down.  Also, we only allow patrons to listen to our station while on the property (including before and after the show).  Again, it's always good to check with your neighbors on this sort of thing before they might complain to us. 
How late is the snack bar open? 
The snack bar closes about 10 minutes into the second feature after the 15 minute in-between show intermission presentation.. A "LAST CALL TO VISIT THE SNACK BAR " will be announced as a reminder of this fact.
Can I spend the night on the lot after the show ends?
No.  All vehicles must leave the theatre immediately after the show ends.
My car battery is dead and I can’t get anybody to jump start me.  Will I have to push it all the way back to Hazel Dell?
Well…at least off of our lot.
If the drive-in were surrounded by a moat, would it be full of dragons?
Do you remember 8-tracks? Those were awesome.
No they weren't.
I am a talentless drive-in owner without a clue who wants to steal parts of your FAQ page for my own website.  Can I do that?
No.  But you probably will anyway.  Loser.
Does the drive-in assume any liability for my complete and utter lack of common sense and/or the fact that I am an idiot doing stupid things?
Are you conveniently located from Burns?
NOTHING is convenient from Burns.  You could die of boredom on that drive.
I'd like to book an event for my car club.  How do I do so?
See our "Events" page for getting your event on our calendar and arranging a possible early arrival.  Or just show up.  Standard admission applies.  There are no additional fees.
I think the moon is staring at me.
The moon IS staring at you.  And it is JUDGING you.
Why don't you run some of the great classic movies such as "Grease" or "Sons of Provo"?
We occasionally do!  See our "Events" page for upcoming listings.  We also run some classic drive-in trailers during our intermission program.